Day 139

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

04 Jan 2017

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Fingers crossed; I may have pinned down the key plot/character arc element to iron this sucker out! After days of research, note-taking, plotting, long-form question answer writing and false-starts, healthy debate seems to have won the day. The ‘truth’ that Cole needs to learn is the value of human connection, which opens up the door to red-herring her with pretty much any of the many great lies in the world, and justifies Cadence & Itri’s presence in the story while creating nice counterpoint character arcs for Ravelwan, Haynfyv, even Itri & Morristu. Probably, for Maria & Serov as well. Balloons and noisemakers all around! It solves the weird dissonance of the climax - as long as I set it up right - while allowing me to play with a lot of the same ideas in the process.

Thanks mom! (Yes, my writing buddy is my mom. Lay off.) So off I go to rewrite all the masses of planning material with this new brainwave in mind. Wish me luck! We’ll finish this thing yet!


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