Day 149

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28 Jan 2017

Current read Unbreakable by @kamigarcia

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I don’t know; I think I get closer to the right mark, and then it all seems to pour away again… I’m starting to dial Cole in, but still not enough, and now supporting cast have issues. Imma try going higher level, despite being shit at anything reasonably concise, and see if sketching it out with broad strokes gives any more clarity, since working through the detailed scene-by-scene plot summary is too much like full work editing apparently; too close, can’t change.

Cole would be a more inspiring character if she reached a point sooner of getting proactive or badass, but a less realistic one. Cadence just comes off as a bully now, Itri’s a barely-there cipher, Ravel’s muddy… Ugh. And what’s this whole thing about again??


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