Day 206

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

29 May 2017

Didn’t get as far as I wanted to on Saturday, but I finally knocked off that one outstanding freelance project, clearing my schedule for all of a week, lol, and hitting my targets for the month on at least one line item. Also renaming Itri to Ash (alternates: Lash, Tam, Tamb, Eladon, Eldon) last name Herne/Hearne or Faa. There’s a thing with true names and daily use names, so Ash may be more of a common name, maybe Eladon or Itri will surface later? I choose names as a combination of meaning and sound, taking into account appropriate heritage/background, but while I originally wanted to draw the connections between light-silver-starlight and what I now call the Travellers (Dreamwalkers), I’ve realized that Itri just doesn’t have good flow or recognition attached, which is a bigger deal now that I’m planning to record.

Feeling justified in taking Sunday off as per usual; made a bunch of notes when I should have been falling asleep last night. The extra brain space freed up generally seems to pay off, even if it is hard to let go and harder to get back into it after the break. Unfortunately, these notes mean I’ll need to loop back and close some plot holes in already-rewritten chapters, but I’m hoping to spin through those and still hit my 5 +3 chapter catchup target (to c40, getting me to c60 on Friday at a pace of 5/day for an extra day+ of buffer) today. There’s some slim chance that the overall chapter count could drop (very, very slim), giving me a bit more margin, and there’s also a developing situation that may call the family away for a few days, giving me unbroken space for the last couple days of deadline and the collapse/catchup period immediately following. So, onward to try to tighten things up and make sense of the maelstrom!

Inconsistencies: rooftop dream, if Cole thinks silver presence that saves her is cadence, doesn’t that mess with feeling abandoned by cadence and angry at her after? Make Itri more grim, driven, mission oriented. Get to the action personality, problem solver. Cole drawn to his sense of mission, buys in to making change as opposed to Ravels mercurial hot air approach. Reconciles to the idea of cadence showing her visions of Itri as a strategy to keep her motivated. Skip Cass episode? Or rather she’s already decided to commit to getting back to her mission, before she realizes cadence is straight up and Itri’s real.

Insert slowdown of multiple days nights dancing in freedom at first, distracted by getting oriented in the new world before she stumbles across Ravels meeting and gets pulled into the Exchange. Uneasy sleep, restless, over sleeps often and finally starts to wonder why nothing’s really happening besides keeping ravel happy on the dance floor. Waking from uneasy sleep, feels remorse for sinking into mindlessness, ventures out in search of ravel? Dreams don’t start until she loses her mask, wears less gold.


Start Time: 12 pm

Location: Abbotsford; home; chair

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