Day 29

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

24 Sep 2015

I’m dreaming of buying an electric guitar. And dabbling with the idea of getting a five-string violin. Everyone else is getting these sweet hollow-body electrics, and they’re just so much easier to play, not to mention gorgeous!

Of course, it makes no sense for me to be spending money on another guitar (we have 3 acoustics and 1 electric in the house already, not to mention all the other folk & stringed instruments!) …but it’s seriously hard to concentrate on anything else right now!

Had a great mini-vacation cat-sitting in Vancouver this week (thanks, Rebecca!), but of course now I’ve had yet another super-long pause in work. The new 12” macbook is great for typing, however. Regretting ordering those solar keyboards (especially b/c the adaptor to USB-C hasn’t arrived yet and I can’t use them!)

Pretty cool experience in Vancouver catching up with all the relationships and realizing that, despite my angst about group activities, I did end up with a lot of meaningful relationships and discussions. Turns out all the hard work was never about making progress at a career or even helping the church plant launch, it was about making a difference in people’s lives, helping them encounter Jesus and better live life with and for Him. At some point in the last 3+ years I kind of lost track of that, but it turns out I met all my goals regardless!

So, yeah, fairly gratifying trip. And now I have like three days of music, so that’ll be good too. Must. ignore. guitar… and get this thing written!

And… Dive!

Nope… hang on… I think I need another planning session. The timelines and interweaving viewpoints/storylines are getting a little too layered, and I need to anchor them in some real-world logic. (plus, I’m not too sure what happens next… another dream? Back to Cole? Do I introduce Mist as a character, or keep him as glimpses around the edges of things?)


Start Time: 9:45 am

Location: couch/living room

Drinking: Lime Gelato (Davidstea)

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