Day 58

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

26 Jan 2016

Finally finished that one huge, boring project for a friend’s company and coming up fast on the 50K word mark, which is perfect.

The recruiter for the London job got back to me, which is less perfect, but he was asking about my eligibility to work in the UK, so there’s a chance it’s a no-go after all, which would frankly just be easier at this point.

I’ve gotten significantly more focused and productive since New Years, but the idea of going back to an office job is still faintly nauseating. Not sure I can make a living wage freelancing (or writing!), but I’m less and less opposed to trying.

I’m having trouble catching hold of Inspector Hayne5; I feel like I write him differently every time he comes up, which perhaps isn’t surprising, as he didn’t have a strong presence or purpose from the start, and I’m just getting to know him.

At some point here (hint: the end…), I should really go back and craft the sub plots by character a bit more carefully, but they just keep emerging and evolving without me having much to do with things.

It’s hard to trust it’ll all come around to a neat, tidy ending, never mind an exciting, satisfying or worthwhile one, but there’s no direction but forward for me now. The further we get, the harder it’s becoming to hold all the threads and people in my head, so yeah, lotta faith at this point…


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