Day 111

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

27 Jun 2016

Blind the eyes. From the song: “Gold and Silver blind the eyes…” Because I’m obsessed with the old Appalachian song All my Tears. Which would also make a good title. Cool? Lame? Nonsensical? At least it’s better than Gold, right? Right?

I’ll have to think about it. Something that doesn’t hit you over the head would be nice. But the simplicity of Gold-Silver-Bronze is also appealing. However, titles could go with a line from the song? So many good ones: Temporary riches lie. Drink from heaven’s store. Thirst no more. Laid to rest. Washed away… narrative gold mines.

Just realized I have like three weeks left before the move. (insert freak-out exclamation here). Oh. My. Super need to get a move on. Also, realizing there’s got to be so much more to do than I budgeted time for. At this rate, I’ll be lucky to get first round rewrites out, and maybe a copy into the hands of beta readers.

It’s for real, now. Sent off the first supersize suitcase with my uncle this weekend (which was amazing! now I can bring my strat!) so now I’ll definitely have to follow if I want to ever see my shoes again (lol). Hoo. Deep breaths. Ok, just keep getting one thing done after the next!

Part 2

So writing in a little better adventure for Itri ate up ages and added another 3K words, but (hopefully) worth it. Definitely upped the creep factor and squickiness. Really gotta start getting this out to Beta readers.


Start time: 10:30 am & 3:45 pm

Location: bedroom

Drinking: turmeric tea & cardamom water

Soundtrack: Cobra Ramone

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