Day 26

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15 Sep 2015

I have a beta reader signed up!

My brilliant east coast friend Christina S., who is just about to move from Vancouver back to her home coast offered to read for me. If I can get a bit more consistent with my writing schedule and keep up with the freelancing projects, I’ll start doing some more coding learning and build myself a site with an official list - in chronological order! - of my superstar readers :)

More good news: WestJet just announced direct flights to London for $200-$300 next year, so when I do get this manuscript polished and ready to go, it’ll be quick & cheap to make the move. Sure hope the timing works out to be there for at least a few months before this book gets moving. It’ll be good practice for all the touring (lol).

Wish I could publish anonymously! Like that Lemony Snicket, but with a cooler name, like AVI. KAIE.

What are the chances…?


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