Day 165

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

21 Feb 2017

Good news; cheap flights show up later in the day. Bad news; I’m still not motivated to make a call and get a plan in place. Hoping to be at the 50% mark or past in the draft by the end of the week… which actually isn’t great, in that it’s nearly the end of the month and I’d hoped to be done by now. It’s still super speed compared to how long I took on the first draft, but if I work on the draft right up to my April deadline, I only have a month (or slightly less, really) to travel, make money, market etc. until the next push. Which is not a lot of time for all that needs to happen during it. Particularly the part where I have to make about five months worth of money in one while also traveling and being marginally more active b/c I seriously cannot sit still for entire days for months on end…

So yeah, just kinda super unmotivated at the moment… not really pressing onward with the marketing stuff, and slogging along with the writing, making progress but feeling emo about it. Blech.

Part 2

lol focus, just wasn’t happening this morning. Which sucks, ‘cause the sun came out and it’s been too many days since I was outdoors, plus I’ve got a serial chapter to push out today too, but… yeah. Choices.


Start Time: 11 am & 3 pm

Location: Abbotsford; home; bed & couch

Drinking: G&T w/ homemade bathtub gin

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