Day 126

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

06 Oct 2016

So a 5pm start time is a bit unfair; really, I’ve been researching and updating and communicating and all the other stuff writers do besides write, since, oh, 9:30 am or so. At least today’s hours ‘wasted’ had a more tangible outcome than most. I may have found an editor! Strong references from Lindsay Buroker and several other indie-published authors, as well as a reasonably-well presented website balance the probably higher prices than some. I took the plunge and messaged her just now, so perhaps that will get things going. Also had more beta reader feedback overnight, which was great! Well, it wasn’t actually great, but the fact that I got it helped. Basically, less style more substance is what it all boils down to - no one can figure out what’s going on. Lol? Trying to figure out if it’s just a matter of slowing down and explaining more up front, or if I need to full-on change some stylistic choices, maybe go full third-person so the perspective’s not so limited. One idea would be to have Cadence explain some of the backstory and be a guide for us to this world. But she shouldn’t really know everything either, so maybe that just complicates things? Another approach would be to streamline everything down to just Cole’s perspective, making for a more direct narrative arc. That would actually reduce the amount of explanation possible, but it might be less frustrating for the reader. Or all my beta readers could just be doing what all readers do; asking questions, pushing for more, thinking around the story. But yeah, definitely some changes needed. I’m going to have a go at writing a Cadence-perspective insert and see how that works. Typically, I’m instinctively against simplifying things… But I probably ought to sit down and map out the ‘mysteries’ and ‘reveals’ for everything confusing - hard to do when you haven’t actually plotted out the sequels! Also, I’m playing with the idea of introducing the multiple-personality bit sooner - as early as the ‘Bell’ chapter, maybe, just in hints. Which would increase complexity, but also give more background to tie things together with sooner. Or maybe the Bell chapter needs more awareness, Suzannah understanding what’s happening near the end? Seems like it’d really interrupt the flow and suspense, but the consistent feedback is: needs more clarity sooner. So that’s an idea…


Start time: 5 pm

Mallaig: The rocks behind the community centre

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