Day 190

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

01 Apr 2017

So, this is it (maybe, lol). Gotta write that climax today. Or possibly tomorrow night. But a final edit/run through tomorrow night/Monday really is in order, and some updated character notes would be good, so today really should be it. Yikes. Guess we’ll see how that goes…

Had an idea for my website/promotions - I wonder if a section called ‘Read Indie’, where I curate a quality list of Indie novels (prob. YA Fantasy), would be of value? Then I could do a newsletter featuring that, and possibly bring in some cash for ads or ask for cross promotions or at least drive some traffic to my site or something… I can’t be the first person to have thought of this, but it seems like a good idea, if only because someone needs to cut through all the shit and help readers find the gems.

I’ve noticed a fair number of Indie author newsletters that I follow include works by other authors, so it’s pretty much just an extension of that idea. The key stumbling block, as I see it, is finding the time to actually read enough Indie books to find some worth recommending, sadly.

It’s stressing me out that there are more excellent and super-hyped YA books coming out every month than I can possibly keep up with. For that reason alone, I may try to query some agents next month and get on with trad. publishers instead of just going Indie.


Start Time: 2 pm

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