Day 15

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

12 Aug 2015

Contains affiliate links. Reading Edgar Allen Poe to try to figure out how to write scary (creepy, eerie, I’d settle for any of those!)

Not sure if I’m too detached, or if it’s just terrible writing, but I’m not getting the fear response I’d like for the ‘dream death’ sections. So far, not finding Poe as helpful as I’d hoped. His work is merely tedious, although a series of essays accompanying one of my reference books is helping unpack some layers for me.

Looked into website domains, but .web apparently is not a real top level domain, and, .ca etc. is already taken. Not sure when to try to start building a platform - sooner than later would be good, based on how much time/effort it takes to get things up to a reasonable level, but if there’s no quality or quantity, it won’t grow either… and it’s a drain of energy and resources that I should really be investing in the writing itself (no patience at all!)

Found some good peer review and author sites; I’d like to give a shot, but I know the feedback is going to kill me, and I’d like to polish up (or at least finish writing!) the first few chapters first.

Part 2

Funny how your brain keeps working along in the background. Reading Edgar Allen Poe to try and pick up some technique (yeah, probably not working), but it gave me this great angle for my protag.

William Wilson got me thinking about multiple personalities/conscience in stories, and opened up this great voice and insight into Cole, where her personal name and history/memory, something destroyed by the conditioning of the Tower, emerges as a separate character, kind of an imaginary friend. That leaves Cole to act out the necessary drone-like perfect Tower citizen role, while still letting the protag. be interesting and rebellious. It gives a way to portray her character development through speaking style and add another level of salvation and freedom.

Kind of wanted to open with a death dream for dramatic effect, but I was worried about leaving the protagonist a minimum of three chapters in… could be hard to connect when you’ve already tried to attach to two characters who are killed (shown or implied). Maybe damages reader’s trust?


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