Day 210

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

02 Jun 2017

The redirection is set; a third round of developmental edit starts Monday and runs to the end of the first week of July. I’m (just barely) on track to finish substantial rewrites today, covering the major climax and closing, which may be a big job and leech into tomorrow if I get stuck/tired. However, part of the course redirect is some paperwork to fill out around concept and plot, so I’d like to get that out tomorrow, as well as a final pass at the editorial comments to ensure everything’s been dealt with as comprehensively and neatly as possible. Interestingly enough, my editor seems surprised at how much rewriting and replotting I do between rounds, which shocks me in turn, as I can’t imagine resolving the things she points out with only minor adjustments. So either that’s insecurity making my life difficult, or or change my mind about what I’m trying to accomplish drastically every couple months… which seems probable, actually.

So, second week of July to review final report and come up with any additional changes, then about two weeks to hash out a strong query letter and synopsis, and that leaves only two months (Aug-Sep) for querying agents before I need to kick things back into gear for self publishing if I want to target the holidays at the end of November. I may extend the timeline slightly, publishing for the following June, but I really can’t let it sit any longer.

Here we go; last 5 chapters (fingers crossed!)


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