Day 184

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21 Mar 2017

Shoved through the first 5 chapters with some significant improvements to the first two yesterday. There’s maybe still too much narrative worldbuilding at the front, but at least it’s interspersed with some dialogue-based action now! In some ways, I have such a hard time cutting my own text that I’d be better of writing fresh, but I cling to the idea that it’s faster to rework existing text (plus I can’t bear to delete any of those precious words, lol).

I figure I need to keep up a pace of at least 5 chapters/day for the remaining three weeks to hit my April 5 deadline - 5 chapters times ~15 days leaves adequate time for the inevitable slowdown near the end where the third act needs to be written fresh… except that the pattern of baby visits has sliced most weeks down to 4 (or less) working days, and I should probably do another spin through the whole thing at the end to clean up, capture any late changes, and strategize at the scene level. So I’d be better off completing in excess of 5 chapters a day - 7 or more; 10, ideally. Yeah, not likely, I know. Also pretty much dropping everything else for three weeks, which doesn’t set me up for a good April - international travel, mad consulting/freelance, and learning voiceover narration in three weeks or less? Wish me luck, lol.

Part 2

Just saw more people bashing Carve the Mark on IG and finally felt the need to comment. Now, it may be horribly racist and discriminatory in multiple ways; I haven’t read it, or anything by Veronica Roth, actually, but it was the way things were being approached. People encouraging each other not to read, upset that they’d bought the book, congratulating each other on scorning it… Just, really sad to see, in a forum for book lovers that encourages reading. It was like a far-left variety of book-banning; we don’t like this story, so let’s condemn it and its author. Even if Veronica Roth or her publisher holds the discriminatory views others say they’ve detected in her work, intelligent discourse and, idk, maybe thinking for ourselves? is desperately needed. The comments I’m seeing are horrifying not because of the platforms (racism=bad isn’t that controversial, though some of the comments are…), but because people are vociferously trying to censor others. A fair warning on content is fair; unqualified attacks are not. So now I’m off to get that book in protest, even though I’ll probably hate it…


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