Day 35

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

02 Nov 2015

Uh… so, yeah, three day stretch plus a three week vacation… I can get obsessively immersed in everything except writing or doing work, apparently.

First it was family history/geneology stuff (still going on that but…) made it back to 885 on one side of the family, with some guesswork and questionable research… Apparently descended from the King of Wales and a queen of Mercia (England) if that tree isn’t totally fantasy, lol. It’s like an unending jigsaw puzzle, with unlimited pieces. It goes not only back, but sideways and then down, so it’s more like one of those tropical trees that drops down at the end of branches and turns into a whole ecosystem of interlinked life.

Anyways, I can’t tear myself away because there’s always a new route to trace. It’s so addictive. Lots of great, scandalous stories that make me itch to write historical fiction, too. Multiple child deaths in the same year, allegations of improper conduct, cross-class and -national marriages, marrying sisters… great stuff.

Soon after, I also became obsessed with 50s clothing to vintage clothing and undergarments to vintage, retro and historical anything (thanks for sucking days of my life away, Collectors Weekly!) so yeah, I feel like historical fiction could be a future pathway. Maybe fantasy-fusion?

Also, the parents went on vacation, so of course I couldn’t possibly be productive while they were gone, and took my own staycation in solidarity… ugh…

So many good ideas, so little discipline! But I do appreciate the way that switching up my focus and exploring other interests sparks ideas for me!

Now to try and put them to use!


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