Day 50

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

13 Jan 2016

Day 50! Halfway(ish) there! And I wrote on an away Tuesday for once! Double score!

Gonna keep pushing on with Cole’s weird experience in Freedom for at least one more section/chapter, since that seems to be working as a way forward for now. Lotta loose threads dangling, but I guess I’ve got 40K+ words to tie them up with.

How does the Inspector and the Guard fit into all this? Post-escape only? (Probably)

What about Morris2? I can’t very well leave her being tortured for days to weeks, and now that big sister and the family have been introduced, there really ought to be some sort of reunion scene, or at least a tragic almost-reunion.

Thought: would Morris1 work better as a Hayne? Maybe Hayne4? Or is there a role for another Hayne somewhere in here? Should Ravel or The Lady have their own cut scenes to establish character? When will Cadence reemerge?

Gotta keep all the balls tumbling for just a little longer (as in, 3+ months longer, lol.)


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