Day 48

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

11 Jan 2016

Cole is in a bad place, trapped and fragmented.

In Chapter 16, a third perspective or expression of self arises fully: Victoire. It’s Ravel1’s manipulation; a counterpart that he forms and guides. Victory, of the Revolution.

But Cole takes this pet name, this label, and unconsciously internalizes it, using it as an escape clause, a doll to pin everything she fears, desires, doesn’t understand. It allows her to stand apart from herself and observe with curiosity, without emotion, without judgement on her core self.

Will Cadence be able to see that? To understand? If Cadence achieves self-awareness, it will collapse the whole construct. Child, drone and idol will collapse back together. Cole’s identity will be shaken, or shattered.

But if Cole has the safety and acceptance, the stability to start absorbing Cadence, and even Victoire, to start becoming whole and real, before acknowledging the partitioning of her identity, than she may survive the experience.

Silver/Itri will play a significant part in building that environment of safety and stability around her if he reaches her in time.

I still don’t know if he will or not.


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