Day 53

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18 Jan 2016

I’m having nightmares about my last job. Shudder.

They called me in to complain that I’d been sleeping on the job and hadn’t produced anything. I woke up at that point, fell asleep again, and spent the rest of the night trying to gather my courage enough to tell them I’d quit half a year ago and they didn’t have the right to blame me for their failures or fire me. lol?

Too scary for this book; I’ll be sure to stick to fog monsters and giant spiders for the deaths around Cole.

In other news, I picked up a cheap Yamaha SV-100 yesterday, rounding out my electronic twinning of instruments. It can keep my Squire Affinity Strat company in the corner until I get around to giving it some more attention. I truly do love making music; I just mysteriously don’t get around to it.

Super-size pile of library books, guilty need to run and keep plugging on freelance projects, and multiple seasons of TV to catch up on will do that to hobbies. Also, my nails are kinda long right now, which looks great in eye-popping nail polish, but doesn’t work out so well for jamming purposes. And my amp is tiny. And my skills are lame-ass. And on it goes…

Cole has just reached the end of the latest Freedom arc (without escaping), and I’m 100 words away from hitting 40K. Not sure where to take things; ought to build suspense, but not sure if flipping to another story thread or continuing Cole’s progress makes more sense, particularly because I’m not sure the others are up to a heck of a lot at the moment, and I’m getting low-ish on upcoming events notes, but I don’t want to take a break and strategize, or compare schedules, for fear of slowing down the progress.

Should probably cycle back to Silver and Co. next to underline that the latest death was the woman he’d recently saved. Cue despair? And the Inspector needs to get out there and be active. Plus all the villains need some fleshing out to actually be worth their existence.

Could Morris2’s sister maybe pay her a visit? Break her out and start her recovery? Plus hint at the existence of the Ravels in the Lady’s chambers? Ought to be enough to go on for now…

Also, must remember to circle back and switch everyone to the same mode in rewrites; flipping between first-present and third-past is seeming less clever the more I do it… but it leaves so much more room for exposition!

What to do…


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