Day 196

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

11 May 2017

So I made pretty great progress yesterday, capping off backstory for the Asheras, the Travellers, the Morrises and associated parties in well over 8k words and 16 pages, so go me. At which point I knocked off early and went to take pictures of potential bookish chocolate shop products at Costco and otherwise be questionably productive for the remainder of the day. Oh, but I made pretty kick-ass dinner with a bunch of Middle Eastern dishes, so that was cool. What I did not do was rejig the plot (technical jargon alert, lol) so as to stay on track for the next editorial deadline. Nor did I complete the outstanding freelance projects that are hanging over me. But hey, at least I went to bed earlyish!

Back to chocolate. I spontaneously came up with a name while waiting around for errands to be over with. I think it should be called Media Bites (or Bytes?) and then have product lines within that like Story Bites, Cinema Bites, Sound Bites (for classic albums/artists) and Cocktail Bites because of course we need to do an alcoholic line. Now, the downsides to all this are, we’re talking hot chocolate, which isn’t a bite so much as like a sip or a guzzle or something… and also I haven’t done any research into how original or not that branding might be, and also it doesn’t allow for anything that’s not food… but it’s an idea. There’s also the issue of marketing/branding and visual identity, which I can sort of half-ass my way through, but which should really be done right. But startup funds… Augh. Anyways, that’s a nice distraction that I don’t need but should keep pushing forward regardless. Fun times!

Part 2

Plot mapping is slow and painful work. That is all. (also, my first Audible book is up for sale! Go check out Conor Kostick’s The Book of Curses for some pretty amusing narration, lol.)


Start Time: 10 am & 2 pm

Location: Abbotsford; home; couch

Drinking: yerba mate nettle tea

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