Day 72

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

10 Mar 2016

Still distracted, but trying to prioritize and get over my need to deal with all the details RIGHT THIS MINUTE! Because, seriously, the trip is now four months away, not two, and I’m not going to be able to retain any detail of what I look at now.

I’ve booked flights, I’m watching for rental car deals in St. John’s (ongoing), I’ve mapped out all the historic sites in St. John’s that I could possibly be interested, and done some minimal research on London transit, sights, and UK train/travel costs - yikes, btw, I’m going to need a serious income source to survive those costs!!

Yeesh, London! It’s awesome that your museums are free, but the other attractions are like Disneyland order of magnitude expensive!

So apart from getting my paperwork done step-by-step and maybe getting another piece of luggage, there’s really not a lot that needs to be done for the trip for the next few months.

Of course, there’s a ton to do here: strip my old laptop and find (buy) space for all those files that won’t fit on the new one. Get a new iPad. Ebay all my stuff. Build a multi-channel platform. Finish this. Focus.


Or something. Continuing to be mildly encouraged by the Orca press books, and simultaneously depressed. I think I can write as well as them (I hope…), but I’d estimate they’re bringing in - max - in the tens of thousands per book.

At that rate, I’d need to put out a minimum of four books a year. Instead of, like, 0.5 books per year, which is currently feeling pretty freakin’ ambitious.

Oh, and the sirens have started to compete with the gusting wind and falling branches outside. Must finish writing before the power goes out!

Fairly happy about Hayne5’s progress; he just keeps rolling along in the background making small, almost-unrelated steps towards the finish line - whatever that is. Need to cycle back to Morris2/Serov/Maria to keep those balls rolling - Serov is unpleasant, but too minor in the proceedings. He should be more threatening. Or maybe replaced. Come to think of it, his role could be rolled into Ravel’s (is he Ravel1’s alter ego? Is Serov just another of the Ravel series? Or is one guy popping up all over the place? Different names - aliases - for characters seems to have become a ‘thing’).

Since Ravel is functioning as a de-facto villain - building trust, tempting, manipulating, betraying - it lessens or negates the need for the more ‘fabricated’ villains (Serov/Ravel series/Maria) - but if this goes duo/trilogy, building levels of villains in the background doesn’t hurt.

Not sure how acceptable it is to leave threads hanging; does everyone need to reach some level of resolution or purpose before the end of the book, even if their true resolution takes place in a later story?

I’ll need to strengthen the plot for almost all secondary roles, since they currently mostly resolve at a later point - unless, the end is further away than I thought…


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