Day 134

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

22 Dec 2016

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Success! The flipchart experiment went quite well - I got a good few hours of work in, charted character arcs by motivation for Cole, Cadence and Itri, with side-stream Goal-Conflict-Response charting for each, and explored the fascinating world of ink-stains and hand cramps. So all in all, a good experience.

On the downside, while I think I’ve got Cole’s story arc working well, I’m not so clear on how to handle the rest of the cast. Now that she’s moving the plot forward with her motivation and actions, everyone else’s motivations and interactions seem a bit weak. And since I really ought to limit the story to her perspective, vast swathes of supporting and key cast members’ stories and actions have no real way of coming through, which is a bit tragic. But I kind of have to push forward and not get mired in details, or I lose all momentum, so there’s that too. I should really take a beat and look back at scene plotting too; I have this vague recollection that it might map nicely to protagonist goal-conflict-response, but if it doesn’t, I’ve got even more work ahead of me… But generally, it’s been a good week, and something about working with paper is helping, whether it’s the tactile, a step away from distractions, or just a larger visual working space…


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