Day 108

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

20 Jun 2016

Contains affiliate links. Stupid social media. I’m about at the point of being ready to launch the site (officially), but getting traction on social media is turning out to be pretty d#$% slow. Lots of friends and family likes, and little else - although I think I’m starting to make some progress… Drinking photos seem to be the most popular, as well as bookshelf/book photos. Sharing earlier in the day has been better than later. Trying to hone in on the right hashtags (with little success). What I really need to do is up my blogging game and get on a few platforms with an audience. I’ve been assuming Tumblr is still the go-to for teen/YA fan audiences, but I should probably confirm that before investing too much more there.

Finished the Bartimaeus Trilogy trilogy yesterday. Love the seriously twisted protags and snarky humour. Always good to see stories being told from multiple perspectives as well (if only because it confirms I should be able to get away with it). Smart world building and underlying mechanics, plus some great sacrificial heroism as well. Curious how much Jonathan Stroud writes by plot, and how much he just worked out as he went - how early in did he know that ending would go like it did?

I seriously need to pick up the pace on rewrites. In a month today, I’ll be landing in London, and leaving for two weeks of travel about a week and a half after that. So I should be rewriting about 5 chapters a day (note: I’ve finished one. And I should really go back and have another go at it…) Oh dear…


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