Day 11

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

24 Jun 2015

Officially starting to tell people I’m moving in with my parents, staying unemployed and writing a novel. Encouraged that everyone acts so excited, and mildly horrified. It’s probably good to have the incentive to keep pushing forward, since everyone will keep quizzing me on the progress.

Finally dived back in on that first chapter yesterday. I’m maybe a third of the way through refining the plot, and going a bit stir crazy. After dinner yesterday, everyone was just drifting around and it just happened. Over an hour of pushing, and probably would have kept going another half hour or more except for the distractions at home, so that’s encouraging. I really need to get more efficient at this!

I’ll revise and expand today, but I’m sure the writing quality wasn’t stellar. Overly wordy and dense with a drastic excess of adjectives and adverbs in a sophomoric attempt to be descriptive and atmospheric.

So pretty much my usual…

Also getting suspicious that my first-book plot is more like a few books worth of plot… but possibly that’s where the editor refining bit comes in.

Seems tragic to be trimming down, when all I think about right now are things to add, expand and flesh out. Considering writing and releasing character backstories as short stories/teasers so as to have something to post online to drum up interest without releasing the full novel manuscript (and then having to admit how low my fanbase is!) …but of course, that’s more distraction from the core goal of producing an interesting story.


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