Day 172

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

01 Mar 2017

Today I feel totally unproductive and like going back to bed, but actually it’s only mid afternoon (=still time for writing!) and I got my tax returns submitted, and they turned out to be way more in my favour than I expected, so sunshine and unicorns all ‘round! Did some solid work on updating cover art and promo posts yesterday; after sleeping on it and seeing the results in the cold light of day, I think there’s still a few tweaks to be done, but the final product is serviceable and comparable or better with what I’m seeing from other authors. I feel like some indie authors are really challenging establishment marketing and presentation standards, probably because authors don’t invest in it the same way once they’re making money and can afford to focus on the stuff they care about (not marketing…)

If I weren’t about to be travelling again, I’d seriously consider opening a bookish Etsy store. I think I’m starting to have a strong enough grasp of the marketing factors and trend-awareness to do well, but I’m not sure it’s possible to make high enough margins to make it worth my time… Best idea so far? Make custom hot chocolate based on characters/locations/books by adding spices n stuff. I’ve seen lots of bath and paper products, wearables, candles and even tea, but not really hot chocolate, so I feel like that’s a strong untapped market. But again, cost/benefit needs to be run and I definitely can’t lug supplies around while travelling. So, file under future desperate moves.


Start Time: 2:45 pm

Location: Abbotsford; home; couch

Drinking: spiced hot cocoa

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