Day 219

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

18 Jul 2017

Wow that happened fast. So I decided I definitely should enter #pitchwars and participated in my first Twitter Live event where the YA mentors did sort of Q&A, and then in post-event questions ended up winning a query critique. Which is awesome because already I’m building connections and exposure and getting help and all that good stuff, but… now I really need to write/rewrite a query, which kind of sucks timing-wise, because I’m paying my editor to help me with it too, but in, like, a week or two. However! This is all moving in the right direction, so yay! And I now have so much work/deadlines that I’ll have to force myself to be more productive again, so bleh & yay at the same time!

Rewriting yesterday was good in the sense that I actually did some, and terrible in that I’m moving through the manuscript slow as mud. So again, pushing for more hours and more progress will be the main target for this next two week stretch. Today’s plan: draft up some sort of query to send for early review. Then solve the plot holes around eavesdropping and switch gears to do the condensing of early chapters in case someone asks to see them!

Part 2

Drinking: Yorkshire black tea with milk

Ugh, so that took forever. 2 hours of research and rewrites and I’m STILL not sure if my query letter works or not - but I think I’m picking up on a bit more than I did before, and thank goodness I actually have quite a lot of support through this part of the process between my editor & #pitchwars, so yay! Now to do the extended synopsis, and hopefully actually complete some novel rewrites at some point!


Start Time: 10 am & 2 pm

Location: Abbotsford; home; chair

Drinking: water & Yorkshire black tea with milk

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