Day 80

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

29 Mar 2016

Contains affiliate links. So I’ve been reading Kelley Armstrong’s stand-alone novels (the not-fantasy ones: The Masked Truth & City of the Lost ), and feeling alternately hopeful and horrified. The Masked Truth uses alternate first-person present and a form of third person to express a second primary character. So maybe if I stuck with Cole’s POV in first, and everyone else in third-present? Seems like shifting from present to past is where it crosses the line…? Or something.

Absolutely blasted my focus and concentration over the weekend with interminable hours of trip-planning logistics and research, although I did take a break from the computer for most of Easter Sunday. Airbnb and the obsessive drive to save a few dollars are destroying my mind…

So I’ll take that as an excuse for why it’s taken me all morning to pull up ‘Notes’ and start working. Also, struggling to get over the nightmares in which I finally broke down and confessed to my former boss that all I knew about finance was based on a high school semester of beginners accounting, and then children were maimed and swallowed by the landscape.

It was tense but not terrifying, interestingly enough. My dreams never really are; I’m just a little wired and intrigued in them. It’s when I wake up to the palpable presence of evil staring down at me that the terror sets in.

Thankfully, that doesn’t come too often. So mostly I’m just dealing with low-grade anxiety and stored tension, rather than demonic torment. (lol?)

I hear movement upstairs, so I’d better shift gears to get at least a little chunk of writing in before I get disturbed…


Start time: 12:45 pm

Location: couch/living room

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