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02 Feb 2017

Rewrites progress!

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Yesterday was… actually, not a total loss. I did get bogged down in plot changes, but pushed away from the book map and wrote/cut together the first two chapters with a total work time of around 6 hours counting distractions (lol). It’s kind of hard writing to a specific purpose, but not as hard as trying to figure out the purpose and what happens next as I write, so that’s a plus. Into the second chapter, I was able to incorporate quite a lot of text from the last draft, which was either horribly lazy or a lovely bonus depending on how kind my editor is about it…

Also tried using the work as a promotional component for social media, with moderate success. I’ll keep that up for a few days and see how it goes; more than one post a day seems to net greater interaction and more follower acquisition on IG, but it’s a step away from a nicely curated bookstagram account, which is what the followers are there for, and I don’t want to drive down the value of the interaction by pushing self-promotion too hard.

I’ll try to repeat this pattern for a few days and see where it takes me: updated/adjust book map, review yesterday’s writing and tweak, write a couple thousand words or a couple chapters.

At a rate of two solid chapters a day, I might actually get back on track. As long as I can resist getting bogged down in high-level plot changes, keep to a daily high output schedule (while continuing self-promotion and web serials), create original content at the same rate and not get distracted by soon-to-be baby. Or that it’s been nearly a month since I actually brought in any money. Life stuff.

Anyways, off to the races again!

Part 2

Ugh trying to stay on topic is hard! Also, research.

Part 3

So, definitely getting bogged down, with relatively little recycled content, which could make things take absolutely ages. Gonna keep pushing for a two-chapter/scene per day pace though!


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