Day 215

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

12 Jul 2017

So my major accomplishment yesterday was rereading the editorial report and Googling forms of headcoverings for a couple hours, lol. It really feels like past time to tweak the terminology and world building to be a little more meaningful than just upper case versions of mundane nouns, so, yeah. And also anything that needed researching to flesh out, it’s really time to get on that. But it’s also a form of procrastination, in that I’m trying to digest suggestions, wrap my head around the story again after a month away, and generally work my way back up to some forward momentum.

Watched the final Sherlock episode yesterday, which was inspiring from a drama-storytelling perspective. I think the villain in particular offers some characteristics to both Serovate and Ravel. Moriarty’s tics and over-expressiveness just the wrong side of appealing are so creepily weird. I’m insecure about my villains, since I have a track record of not writing them well, and I’ve never liked them much. At least the editorial feedback really affirmed that I fixed the structural and plot issues around having the villains/antagonists hanging around in the background without doing enough. Actually, on a second reading, I do feel more confident in the upcoming rewrites. Everything always seems so overwhelming at first, and then I just have to grit my teeth and dive in and make it to the other side. So, here goes nothing! Plan of attack:

  • Terminology issues: find-replace for all terms that need updating
  • Plot issues: address items of confusion
  • Pacing issues: condense or expand indicated scenes
  • Language issues: rewrites/review edits to slow/speed pacing as necessary, improve power and clarity


Start Time: 2:30 pm

Location: Abbotsford; home; couch

Drinking: water

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