Day 86

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

07 Apr 2016

It helps, every time I hear about other writers feeling like it’s hopeless, impossible, unending, when they’re in the middle of working on a book. So maybe sharing this journal, this journey, will help… if there’s anyone crazy enough to wade through all the muck.

Finished (more or less) my first full/scratch coded portfolio site yesterday and on to JavaScript today, so edging closer to launching that side of things.

Parallax works, which is pretty rad (do people still say that?), but scrollspy and forms don’t, so not an unparalleled success (haha)…

Still, looks decently ok, and does most of the things it should… so it’s really past time to get something built for my platform and get that off the ground… maybe if I keep saying that, it’ll eventually happen!

Also dabbling with another content farm freelance site since the current one hasn’t had much work available… disgusting to start at the bottom making $1/100word rates again, but it’s not like I’m investing a lot of time in making money at this point anyways, and it makes sense to start building the stats to the point where I could be making more when I really need to be. Ideally, the coding thing will get me better rates, or data/business analysis…?

Frustrated that I’ve now spent an entire week on a chapter that I intended to burn through in a day, which means the rest of the writing is going to be way longer than I projected… that, or I’ve just wasted a week writing content that should be condensed and summarized into a quarter of the length and detail.

But it feels like a big shift to go from macro plot planning to micro detail and incorporate the in-between considerations of tone, interest, plot velocity/pacing… It’s pretty hard figuring out what will be interesting and a worthwhile inclusion, and what’s irrelevant and boring…

So I’ll keep plugging along with my nose to the ground and then try to get some elevation on the whole thing later…


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