Day 168

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

24 Feb 2017

Yay - first ‘real’ author comment! Unsurprisingly, it was on a glowing review, but still. Thanks for the interaction Kendare Blake! Made my day :) And seriously guys, go check out her work. Anna Dressed in Blood wowed me, the Goddess Wars were epic, and now with Three Dark Crowns? She’s like the James Patterson of YA, except with better writing, fantasy, character insight, complexity… ok, so they’re nothing alike, other than she’s the plotting queen. Mind. Blown. I can’t even-

So, let’s talk about plot. I kinda suck at it. Or maybe it’s characterization, specifically character motivation and arcs. I’m not doing it right. I’m having a great old time pushing forward, with more action and dark twistiness and all sorts of great stuff, but I cannot map a proper plan for the life of me! Yet again, I get partway through things and realize that Cole is meandering with only the flimsiest excuse for a goal, engaging in all sorts of musings and personality conflicts and trauma, but not actually, you know, doing anything. Specifically her time in Freedom, where she confused herself by thinking her visions are harassment by Cadence. It’s a repetitive cycle of her getting yanked out of trying to navigate a new world and get Ravel’s help, to learn all sorts of good stuff like empathy, love, longing, and worldbuilding factoids. So it’s pretty much an author-crutch that weighs down the forward momentum of the plot.

Well, crap. And I was having such fun with it, too… Thing is, do I want to write a self-indulgent bloated story that only the chosen worthies slog through, or do I want to take a shot at the big leagues and be able to face some of these ladies who are absolutely killing it out there?

Why does that feel like a trick question? K, here’s the plan. Stop. Write down a lean plot, synopsis style (yet again) based just on major action and Cole’s motivation. Focus on; what did Cole do and what did it change for her (consequences for actions) plus what did Cole want at the time and how was she prevented from getting it (forward momentum/dramatic tension).

And… go!


Start Time: 2:30 pm

Location: Abbotsford; home; chair & couch

Drinking: Malbec

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