Day 157

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07 Feb 2017

Rewrites progress!

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So turning points seem to be dense, painful affairs. Or maybe it’s just the first one. I found it really hard to write in a linear fashion; kept circling back and filling in what I’d just done, trying to integrate character building, or at least character- and situation-appropriate text while getting across what I needed to. Mostly having a detailed book map seems to have made me more efficient and more able to sit down and churn out work, but sometimes it really slows things down having requirements for what needs to be conveyed at any given point. Which is probably a good and necessary thing, but agh!

Pressing onward nonetheless; I need to look back over yesterday’s work and try to make sense of it, as well as push forward. I should also look at the travel plans again soon, like yesterday soon, but it feels like too much, but if I leave it alone too long, I’ll be here all summer. There’s only a month (or less) of downtime when my editor is working on her input, so I’ve got to come to terms with working on this thing and traveling/having a life at some point here… Yeah, sounds impossible.

Part 2

Ouch. So an hour of sifting through text later and still haven’t finished editing yesterday’s text, never mind writing another couple chapters. Oh yeah, and I’ve got a web serial chapter due today too. Mostly my computer was crashy though, so not entirely my fault. But mostly. Sloooownessssss.


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