Day 40

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

24 Nov 2015

Contains affiliate links. My sister-in-law to-be’s bridal shower is this weekend, so of course planning that is taking all my creativity and mental energies.

Or something.

I spent most of yesterday matching old family photos to our Ancestry tree map with the latest Mr. Selfridge season on in the background.

Rewarding-ish, but not doing much about my productivity anxiety. Am I doing enough? Am I justifying my existence? Is there a point to any of this? Will I ever get published - will I ever even finish a draft?? - or am I just abusing the chance to be lazy for half a year or more??

So yeah, I figure at the very least, I’ve got the artistic temperament down.

Discipline is necessary to accomplishment… probably.

In other news, the wind has been incredible here lately. I love storms. Wind, rain, the air just before or after rain…

Not a big fan of blazing sunshine, but crisp, windy post-storm sunsets? Worth it.

So often, we settle for less. Things that bring joy, wonder, peace, we put those away and draw on lesser things. Small pleasures.

Another fun fact: the nutrition that Tower residents are fed is based on gamer-fuel Soylent dosed with liquid or powder-form soporifics - like meal replacement drinks infused with Valium…

Note to self, do some research on what drugs suppress dreams and make people zombies! Pretty sure there’s anxiety or depression medications with that type of side effect. There must be something out there!

Hoping for at least a little bit of plausibility to the scenario since it’s running the border line between SF and supernatural/fantasy.


Start time: 10:00 am

Location: couch/living room

Drinking: Tulsi rose tea

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