Gold & Silver Series Book One: Blind the Eyes

When hope kills and dreams are deadly, her only shot at survival is to shut it all down.

In the Towers of Refuge, regulation dictates every aspect of life.

Haunted 17-year-old Cole would do anything to shake her reputation as a failure. The only way to survive the nightmarish Mara is absolute obedience, and she’s down to her last chance.

But when a charismatic stranger shows up claiming to know her and Cole discovers Refuge's absolute control and guarantee of safety are both illusions, she realizes hers isn’t the only life at stake and goes on the run.

In the underground club Freedom, nothing’s forbidden.

Cole needs allies to help her expose Refuge’s lies and escape execution by nightmare. Too bad the only candidates are a hedonistic rebel, a childish ghost, a stylist with a secret and an imaginary friend with a talent for monster-hunting.

With enforcers in pursuit and the dead invading her dreams, Cole must figure out who to trust and stop the dying before the nightmares eat her alive.

Trusted authorities lie, allies have their own agendas and even the monsters wear masks in this YA dark fantasy suitable for ages 14 and up.

Condensed Description

All Cole wants is to be the perfect Tower drone, until she meets Ravel and discovers another world. With the dead piling up at every turn, Cole will have to decide which voice to follow: the charismatic leader Ravel, the holy Tower regulation, the whispers of a spectre from her past or the call of the child within.

A story about identity, trauma & taking back your choices. YA dark fantasy. 97,000 words. 2018.

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Blind the Eyes

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