consulting & freelance solutions

The right solution always starts with a question:


Not what. Not how. Why.

Why get a new website? Why rework your copy? Why market yourself online? Why change your systems?

Why gives the answer to what. And how.

I help you ask and understand your 'why' better, so we can create the right 'what' using a range of 'how':

  • website creation or redesign
  • copy editing and content direction
  • business systems consulting
  • research and data visualization
  • business, marketing or promotion plans



Pitch/plan new website, layout, project management, SEO & webmaster services. Joomla+html+css+jquery

Pacific Church

Webmaster services, promotion plan, graphic design, SEO & local search optimization. Joomla+html+css+AdobeCS

Russia Reconnect

Promotional plan, full build development of new website, content & webmaster services. Wordpress+html+css+JQuery