YA & children's fiction


Gold & Silver Series

Book One: Blind the Eyes

When hope kills and dreams are deadly, your only chance for survival is to shut it all down.

All Cole wants is to be the perfect Tower drone, until she meets Ravel and discovers another world.

With the dead piling up at every turn, Cole will have to decide which voice to follow: the charismatic leader Ravel, the holy Tower regulation, the whispers of a spectre from her past or the call of the child within.

A story about identity, trauma & taking back your choices.

Teen/YA dystopian thriller with dark supernatural/fantasy/SF elements.

80,000 words. Coming Summer 2017.

Preview chapter!

Contact me to apply to beta read (April 2017) or get an ARC copy (June 2017) of the .epub/ebook for review.

Legends of the Connarii Series

Book One: Flame of the Connarii

Edana, eldest daughter of the Connarii chief, is fighting to lead her tribe through the treacherous Otherworld mists to a safe haven.

Torchann is the beast-raised last son of an extinguished race, master of a dying world.

When monstrous invaders break through the fading boundaries of his world, Torchann will have to choose fight for the only home he's ever known, or sacrifice it all to battle alongside a girl he's just met and her alien family.

A story about home, belonging & leading well.

YA Fantasy/SF blend with kickass action, strong female lead, Celtic-flavoured fantasy & light romance.

Currently being released as serial webfiction with new chapters every Tuesday, targeting ~70,000 words.

Read here or on Wattpad or Jukepop

Things Got Out of Hand

She almost died. Then he showed up.

In the near future, nightmares take flesh and murder indiscriminately. April's a 19yo loner working in a west coast city.

One day she's on her way home after work, and her nightmare comes for her. There's no way to fight, no way to run. It's all over. No one survives nightmare attacks, ever.

But then a boy shows up and saves her... and proceeds to invade her life. April's loner days are at an end... and that's just the beginning.

A more romantic, less dystopian variant from the same origins as Blind the Eyes.

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Children's classic fantasy.

Nia was never good at anything, until a door opened to another world.

When the adventure of a lifetime takes a turn for the dangerous, it will take everything she has to survive. And then some.

A quest & coming of age adventure story.

60,000 words. 2018.


An inspirational picture storybook.

It takes time to find our place in the world. Sometimes, it's our pain that helps us connect with others.

A story about bullying, surviving & sharing.

800 words. Coming Autumn 2017.

Cover Gallery

Blind the Eyes first variant cover

Beta Readers Edition Variant 1

Blind the Eyes second variant cover

Beta Readers Edition Variant 2

Blind the Eyes third variant cover

Beta Readers Edition Variant 3

Blind the Eyes fourth variant cover

Blind the Eyes Beta Readers Edition Variant 4

Blind the Eyes fifth variant cover

Blind the Eyes Beta Readers Edition Variant 5

Blind the Eyes sixth variant cover

Blind the Eyes Beta Readers Edition Variant 6

Blind the Eyes seventh variant cover

Blind the Eyes Beta Readers Edition Variant 7

Blind the Eyes eigth variant cover

Blind the Eyes Beta Readers Edition Variant 8

Blind the Eyes ninth variant cover

Blind the Eyes Beta Readers Edition Variant 9

Flame of the Connarii Serial Webfiction Variant Cover 1

Flame of the Connarii Serial Webfiction Variant 1

Things Got Out of Hand Serial Webfiction Variant Cover 1

Things Got Out of Hand Serial Webfiction Variant 1

Beta Readers

Love to read? Beta readers don't need a degree in literary criticism, just a willingness to take the time to give some feedback, ranging from a general thumbs-up/down to, really, as detailed as you care to be.

I provide Beta Reader Editions in five-chapter installments with limited-edition covers in .epub and .pdf format, and other formats by request.

Current draft: Gold & Silver Book One: Blind the Eyes -a female-led dystopian thriller YA fiction with supernatural/fantasy/SF elements, about 100,000 words

Read preview chapter here.

Interested? Contact me for more information or to apply.


This is the space for every thought that passes through my head. Mostly a daily log, because it's the best way I've found to warm-up for writing. Spoiler Alert! I end up putting in a lot of details about whatever story I'm working on at the time, among all the other emo blather. Perhaps one day I will have time to actually edit content into blog posts. Until then, enjoy chaos mixed with news, previews and other content! Older posts here.

Day 221

Jul 20, 2017

News to no one, but yeah, definitely falling behind due to my Twitter addiction and obsession with everything #pitchwars right now. Which, I mean, priorities I guess? ‘Cause technically BtE is in pretty good shape and the best thing I can do right now is widen my community/audience/reach and get all the query and pitch material shined up, but it’s eating at me that I might not get the rewrites I want to done in time. I mean, not enough to actually motivate me to prioritize them, but… lol.

I agreed to cat sit for someone next week, before all this, and now... Read more

Day 220

Jul 19, 2017

Huh. That was interesting. So I got back my first query critique from the #pitchwars pre-competition micro contest. The mentor who offered it is an assistant editor at a big 5 publisher.

It was… really different than I expected, so I guess probably my business background has been showing too much, ‘cause she tweaked things to sound quite a bit younger and less… polished? Direct? More, like, conversational or something. Which is probably more YA. She did push the hook that I’ve been using to the front again after I’d buried it in the extended synopsis b/c one of the #askmentor comments was... Read more

Day 219

Jul 18, 2017

Wow that happened fast. So I decided I definitely should enter #pitchwars and participated in my first Twitter Live event where the YA mentors did sort of Q&A, and then in post-event questions ended up winning a query critique. Which is awesome because already I’m building connections and exposure and getting help and all that good stuff, but… now I really need to write/rewrite a query, which kind of sucks timing-wise, because I’m paying my editor to help me with it too, but in, like, a week or two. However! This is all moving in the right direction, so yay! And I now... Read more

Day 218

Jul 17, 2017

Getting started considerably later than I meant to today, but TWITTER, lol. It’s hard to balance author platform early marketing stuff with, like, accomplishing anything else in a day - I pretty much just flitted from FB to Twitter to IG back to Twitter to Goodreads to FB to more Twitter, and then more and more and and and… yeah. So #pitchwars is coming up and I’m 98% committed to diving into that wormhole. The 2% concern is that if I don’t tone down the social media and other distractions, I’ll never actually finish rewrites in time. And I’ll probably simultaneously query agents... Read more

Day 217

Jul 14, 2017

Still working through renaming and sidling up to the larger changes, lol. Lots going on in the real world; major fires in the interior and some family members getting new jobs, which may or may not mean lots of change in my world over the next little while. Allergies aren’t so bad today, though, so that’s a plus! I need to get this month’s newsletter written up and do a bit of a push on IG, my FB Beta group, and a proper news blog post ‘cause otherwise these journal entries end up being the world’s most boring, worst written blog, lol, but... Read more

Day 216

Jul 13, 2017

Probably gonna end up pushing this deadline as well; it takes a surprising amount of time to do even simple things like find>replace updated names/terms, of which there seem to be an increasing number, and I could stand to put more time in tbh. The flip side of that is that time away from the computer triggers the creative problem solving side of my brain, so my subconscious can worry away at all the little issues that need to be ironed over and come up with brilliant solutions (lol) that I’d never be able to brute-force my way to. ‘Course then I have... Read more

Day 215

Jul 12, 2017

So my major accomplishment yesterday was rereading the editorial report and Googling forms of headcoverings for a couple hours, lol. It really feels like past time to tweak the terminology and world building to be a little more meaningful than just upper case versions of mundane nouns, so, yeah. And also anything that needed researching to flesh out, it’s really time to get on that. But it’s also a form of procrastination, in that I’m trying to digest suggestions, wrap my head around the story again after a month away, and generally work my way back up to some forward momentum.

Watched the... Read more

Day 214

Jul 11, 2017

As chronicled ad nauseam before, getting back into the swing of things with a book is miserable and near impossible. However! The great thing about walking away for a month at a time is that I get a little more distance from the work and a smidge more perspective. Which is good, because I love to fight and wrestle with every round of edits and feedback. And by love I mean hate but can’t leave alone…

My excuse for distraction today was good though; woken up a couple hours early, and then glued to the computer tracking forest fire news - crazy year... Read more