Blind the Eyes, a YA dystopian paranormal fantasy by K.A. Wiggins, coming to bookstores near you and online Christmas 2017

Blind the Eyes

When hope kills and dreams are deadly, your only chance for survival is to obey...but the only way to live is to rebel

Cole would do anything to shake her reputation as a failure - but when she indulges her forbidden fascination with the dead, she discovers she's not the one that's broken, and the only way to stop the dying is to start being herself.

A story about identity, trauma & taking back your choices. Plus: ghosts!

YA dystopian dark fantasy. 120,000 words. Coming Winter 2017.

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Flame of the Connarii

Edana, eldest daughter of the Connarii chief, is fighting to lead her tribe through the treacherous Otherworld mists to a safe haven.

Torchann is the beast-raised last son of an extinguished race, master of a dying land.

Their worlds are destroyed, their very way of life, threatened. Can they unite, fight back and survive, or will they each die alone?

A story about home, belonging & leading well.

YA Celtic-flavoured Fantasy adventure. Serial webfiction updated Tuesdays.(on hiatus)

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Things Got Out of Hand

She almost died. Then he showed up.

April prefers her own company, but when Henry saves her from a homicidal Nightmare and moves in, her days of peaceful solitude are over.

A story about monsters, heroes, and plans that change.

Rom-com retelling of Blind the Eyes. Serial webfiction updated Fridays.(on hiatus)

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News & Updates

Book blog

Nov 13, 2017

So, I read a ton. Like, well over 150 books a year. And now that I’ve discovered Goodreads, I also rate and review most of those books, and then feature them with dubious quality photography on Instagram.

What I haven’t done is launched a book blog/reviews section here, because let’s be real; how often do I get around to updating? And how many of you hang out here on a regular basis? So.

However, just last month I discovered Booklikes, which not only shares reviews on-platform and pushes reviews to Goodreads, it collects them in a custom blog. Update one place with automatic syndication to all useful platforms? Yes please!

All that to say: Check out my book blog for (mostly) YA Fantasy recommendations!

I also do bimonthly book recommendations and “best-of” lists in my newsletter, and those I will to take the time to... Read more

BTE Targeting 2018

Nov 04, 2017

So there’s good news and there’s bad news.

The good news is, all that querying attracted some attention after all, literary agents do like Blind the Eyes, and the full manuscript has been requested. It’s not a publishing deal (yet, lol), but it’s actually pretty rare to get that far and it took less than 50 queries (many books take over 100 to even get that sort of response), so it’s definitely cause for celebration!

…The bad news is, now I can’t publish BTE in November like I was hinting at, which is super sad because my proofreader did an amazing job AND turned the project around in half the time I’d had scheduled, so it should have been right on target for a pre-holidays release.

Back to good news: this means I can (ahem, should) get the sequel(s) plotted out and written for fast, consecutive releases when BTE does... Read more

Almost there

Sep 21, 2017

I should get the next newsletter out in a couple weeks, but since I’m past due for an update, thought I’d pop in and share the progress!

BLIND THE EYES is out for query with a number of literary agents. For the uninitiated, to get a book published in the traditional manner, you send a sort of formal application letter to literary agents, who ask for more information on your book (or decline). If they love the story and think they can sell it to a publisher, they offer to represent you. Then they contact editors and try to sell the manuscript. Then a publishing house responds with an offer (and if you’re really lucky, you get a few of these to choose from). Then you get assigned an editor and work with that publisher and editor to adapt the book, which can mean more editing, rewrites, proofreading, cover designs... Read more

Confessions, retractions and other wafflings

Aug 27, 2017

…I know I’ve been babbling about it all over the place lately and I’ve only just finished switching over graphics and web presence to the new subgenre, but I’m seriously considering changing everything back to the previous (non) subgenre for BLIND THE EYES of “dystopian dark fantasy”. Which isn’t an official thing, and I know you’re not supposed to genre-blend, but… it just kind of is. The setting’s pretty dystopian. And it’s definitely future and sort of post-apocalyptic. And dark. And there’s fantasy and supernatural stuff going on. It’s also not a bad fit for urban fantasy, other than the future setting. So I dunno. Waffle waffle waffle. Angst angst angst. lol.

On thing in its favour, the freebie preview ebooks on Amazon got quite a bit stronger downloads when listed as dystopian. So I figure for querying, it should read urban fantasy, and if I end up going indie,... Read more

On Monsters, Boundaries and Inspiration

Aug 26, 2017

While I love research in a general sense, I more or less refuse to do it while drafting a book. I’m too addicted to that archaeological sense of uncovering another world to allow this one to consciously intrude. However, at some point I generally do have to pull out the books (hi Google) and go hunting for real world equivalencies, or at least reference points.

Enter the Mara. The story that has become BLIND THE EYES emerged out of an image or a scene wherein a girl is saved from monster attack by a hero. And diverged dramatically from there - the Wattpad story-in-progress THINGS GOT OUT OF HAND is closer to the original intent. All that to say, my sense of what the monsters in question were was vague to say the least.

But successive drafts did serve to nudge things along. Fairly early on, I knew the monsters... Read more

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